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Tintookie Pointer Kennels started in 1974 in Victoria, Australia when we acquired our first Pointer Ch. Tesdin Gatsby. Prior to that we had bred, and shown, Labrador Retrievers for over ten years. Since 1974 we have bred 45 Champion Pointers around Australia and overseas. Our dogs have also performed extremely well as shooting companions and we have had many dedicated shooters return to us for their second 'Tintookie' bred Pointer.

We are also extremely proud of our record in obedience. Currently, Aust. Ch. Tintookie The Apprentice (UD) is the only Pointer in the Southern Hemisphere to have both a Show and an Obedience Champion title. 'Digby' is owned by Mrs. Linda Bennett of Queensland and became the youngest pointer EVER to obtain his Utility Dog Title when he achieved this at TWENTY-SIX months of age. We are very proud of both Linda and Digby.
We have also bred other Pointers such as Ch. Tintookie Soo Excellent C.D.) Owned by Mrs. G. Clay of Tasmania, who have performed well in the obedience arena.

Remember, "Tintookie" is Aboriginal for "magic people" and we believe that every puppy we breed is a "magical person"

We firmly believe that there is no breed as versatile or as loving as a Pointer.

Layne at 10 weeks

They make wonderful family pets and great hunting companions, their elegance makes them winners in the show ring and their ''wash and drip dry'' element makes them a very low maintenance dog. They are wonderful with children and great watchdogs- all of which means that in our opinion POINTERS ARE PERFECT!



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