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When grooming an Irish Red and White Setter it is best to do so when the coat is dry.

An Irish Red and White setter is NOT groomed the same way as an Irish Setter. The Red and white should look natural. The Irish Red and White setter should never be clipped. Thinning scissors should be used around the neck, from behind the ears in a V shape tapering down to the sternum. Leaving it approx 10mm depending on the length of the body coat of the dog. This will need doing weekly; it is surprising how fast the coat grows around the neck.

The top of the ears can be smoothed over with a stripping knife (normally used on a terrier) This gives it a clean look and pull out any dead hair. The coat on top of the ears tends to have a mind of it's own, so if this procedure is done once every 2/3 week the ears should stay looking clean. Around the edge of the leather the hair should hang NATURALLY, there is no need to trim around here. Under the ear and just inside the ear (where the collar joins the neck) should be trimmed off with thinning scissors. This area grows to an uncomfortable length if not trimmed.

The feet are simple. Trimming in between each toe and shaping around the edge of the foot. I prefer to do this 1-2 days before a show but no longer as the hair grows overnight. Behind the hocks should be taken off with thinning scissors, making a clean look.

As I said previously the Irish Red and White is not trimmed like an Irish Setter. An Irish Red and white should not have a distinctively trimmed tail. The tail can either be left totally natural or SLIGHTLY trimmed around the edge , again only to make it look a little neater. Only 1-2mm should be taken off here.

Bathing time, most red and whites don't mind being bathed it just takes a while to get used to it. We use a non-doggy shampoo and conditioner on our dogs. We use Maximum Shine Sun Silk shampoo and conditioner. It makes the coat shine and stay in good condition.
Blow-drying is desirable it settles the coat down, and makes it easier to manage, all knots can be brushed out whilst blow-drying. A slight wave is permissible but never curly.

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